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in Burundi

It is obvious that nothing would be possible without our principal partner in Burundi, namely the Burundian Judo Federation which is actually one of the two parties leading the Turikumwe project. Created in 1991, it crossed the civil war thanks to several enthusiastic and impassioned judokas.

Since 2006, its executive team does all its best to promote judo in order to make of our sport a wonderfull development tool.

International Judo Federation

Vision for the Judo for Peace program in the International Judo federation

The Judo for Peace Program uses the philosophy of Judo in combination with the sports educating system to attain peace and reconciliation in conflict regions. Judo shall in practical action show that these sports fundaments makes this sport to be the best tools for peace
keeping, reconciliation and society building.
The founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano made this statement: ”I believe that world peace and the welfare of humankind must realize through the spirit that judo brings about.” and “When you practice judo, you must perfect yourself and contribute to society through this practice, and
you must emphasize the importance of this during your teaching to others.”

These two statements, based on respect for all human being and education to understand others culture and behavior, are the philosophic basis for the Judo for Peace program.

The Turikumwe project uses the educational and human values of Judo as its fundament. As the director of IJF Judo for peace Commission it was a great pleasure to receive information of this project and decide that IJF and the Turikumwe project shall cooperate to strengthen our
effort to help children in Burundi. I am sure that by cooperate can reach great result together.

Jan Eirik SHIOTZ
President of the Judo for Peace Commission

Ligue d'Alsace de Judo

It is the historical partner of the Turikumwe project. The LAJ regularly provides its technical and teaching expertise, by placing its technical experts at the disposal of the project. But it is also present in many other fields. Thus, LAJ which regularly offers the medals of the various championships of Burundi. More informations on http://www.judo-alsace.com

French Judo Federation

Of course, through the Ligue d'Alsace de Judo, it is all the French judo which is partner of Turikumwe project in Burundi. More specifically, the French federation provided us with teaching supports which will allow in the future an harmonious and qualitative development in Burundi. This is essential to continue to make judo a major development tools. The French judo on http://www.ffjudo.com

Chatellerault Judo

Since the participation of the Turikumwe Project, with a stand, during a national championship, we are in relation to the club " Chatellerault Judo" who s' is actively committed to provide us sporting and educational material to be sent with our first container soon. Thank you for this spontaneous engagement.


A few years ago, our project manager, Nicolas, was member of the 2exVia team - graphic design and multi-media. When a few months ago, he spoke with the agency about the Turikumwe Project, immediately the leaders of 2exVia provided their Masteredit® platform for the management of this Internet web site. They had already allowed the creation of the web site of the Burundian Judo Federation. Find 2exVia on http://www.2exvia.com

L'esprit du Judo

In 2006, the team who is in chargge of the magazine "l' Esprit du Judo" immediately answered positively when we requested them to be the relay of our actions in Burundi.

ADIDAS Martial Arts France

Adidas, as the official sponsor of the French Judo Federation, is partner of the Pyramid of Judogi project, on the occasion of the world Judo Championships, in Paris 2011.

Ott Imprimeurs

Ott printers, established in Wasselone (North Alsace), actively supports us by providing printed material useful to our communication.

Strasbourg Evénements

For several years, Strasbourg Events which is in charge of the management of the "Palais des Congrès" of Strasbourg and the "parc exppositions" of Wacken (International Fairs), has put gracefully a stand to present an exhibitioin of photos at the occasion of the European Fair every year.

FCPE d'Alsace

Fédération des conseils de parents d'élèves des écoles publiques

The "FCPE d' Alsace" contacted us to give us great quantities of schoolbooks which could be sent to Burundi and thus equip the schools which enter our development program by sport.

Le Centre Européen d'Etude du Diabète

Thanks to the spontaneous action of Marion Wetzel, the European Center for the studying of diabete gave us an important collection of equipements. Everything will be put in our next container. Thank you to all the team.

Green Hill GmbH

Being the Master Supplier of The IJF, Green Hill is the trusted and Prime partner of Turikumwe. Green Hill is involved in many CSR projects around the world. "Not only words!", at the upcoming Judo world championship, Green Hill is offering a 30% Immediate discount if you drop off one or more Judogi at the Judogi Pyramid in Paris-Bercy. Additionally, Green Hill is offering a Green Hill Branded T-shirts and one Kid Judogi to everybody who will drop off 4 Judogi on the Judogi Pyramid. Collected Judogi will enable the further development of educational programs driven by the IJF, The Judo for Peace and Judo for Children Commissions, in partnership with the French Judo Federation. This is true solidarity coupled with great support, The Traditional Green Hill way! If you like to know more, please do visit us at World Championship Exhibition Booth or click on the link below

Green Hill

Alsace Region

Thank to the former President of the Alsace Region, Adrien Zeller (†2009), an aid was attributed to our action in Burundi. That aid will be used for the sending of the first container.

City of Strasbourg

In June 2008, the city of Strasbourg, attributed us a subsidy which will be completely used for the sending of the first container. We in addition remain in close contact with the services of the city in order to determine how to develop our collaboration in the future. Find the city of Strasbourg on http://www.strasbourg.fr

CG 67

The "Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin" attributed an aid to our project in order to be able to send the first container to Burundi. We hope that we will be able in the futur to develop our cooperation.

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