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All the Judo for Peace programmes throughout the world

Full programmes

  • Afghanistan
  • Burundi
  • East Timor

Solidarity Programmes

  • Afghanistan  - Norway
  • Burundi - France
  • Uruguay - Spain (development in progress)


  • Judo for Peace Tournament- Sharm El Sheikh, 2007 and 2008
  • Judo for Peace Tournament - Haifa, 2008
  • Mahatma Ghandi Tournament - India 2009
  • Irish Judo for Peace Tournament, 2009

Special projects

  • Nepal, post civil war reconciliation
  • Programme against violence in South Africa

The Commission’s visit to Bujumbura

March 2009

The Judo for Peace Commission was present in Bujumbura for an inspection visit from March 20-27th, 2009.  The first person to arrive on site was our Project Manager, Nicolas Messner. Several days later, the President of the Commission, Jan Eirik Schiotz, arrived straight from Norway.

We made the most of these few days to conduct a complete inventory of our interventions in Burundi.  The programme was punctuated by numerous visits and just as many encounters, among which, some of the most important being an interview with the Burundian Minister of Youth and Sports, as well as a meeting with the Executive Secretary of the National Olympic Committee.

Jan Eirik Schiotz was able to become fully aware of the extent of the Turikumwe project, first of all, by discovering the historical sites where judo is practiced in Bujumbura (Entente Sportive de Bujumbura, Ecole Française, Ingabo Judo Club), then by going to see the site of the future federation head office and by visiting the heart of the neighbourhoods on the outskirts of town where we have been intervening for the past few months.  And lastly, a delegation of the IJF, accompanied by members of the Burundian Judo Federation, were able to discover the Gihanga site where the Peace and Sport Organization is in the process of carrying out a project of development via sports in an former rebel zone.

Concrete advances

This short visit will have provided the opportunity to prepare the ground for our current and future cooperation.  The Judo for Peace Commission, and consequently, the International Judo Federation have made strong commitments to us.  Thus, the container that we plan on sending very soon, which is filled with 5 surfaces of tatamis, kimonos, as well as books and computers, will be entirely financed by the IJF.
Also, thanks to the support of Jan Eirik Shiotz, we are going to be able to begin building the Federal Head Office on a plot of land made available by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture.
In 2009, a large project financed by Olympic solidarity should also originate which will set up teacher training, and thus answer the needs of human resources.

Expanded prospects

Discussions are not confined to the present and near future.
We are also considering and debating about more long-term projects.  Thus, 2010 should see the birth of a large tournament of peace, which will enable us to begin spreading throughout the entire Great Lakes region of Africa.
And even further, Burundi can become the base of diffusion of judo as an educational tool and as a vehicle of peace in a zone of the globe that has been too strongly affected for too long by repeating crises.


With the Judo for Peace Commission

A connection with the Judo for Peace Commission of the International Judo Federation was made at the time of the Peace and Sport Forum in Monaco last December.
We were invited by the Monegasque organization to their principality in order to present our activities in Burundi.  Our presence allowed us to shed light on Turikumwe, and at the request of Marius Vizer, President of the IJF and of Jan Eirik Shiotz, President of the Judo for Peace Commission, our Project Manager, Nicolas Messner, joined the commission as of the first of January 2009.
Since this date, our cooperation with JFP has developed based on regular exchanges and the setting up of concrete action.

'09 Paris Tournament

A stand for JFP and Turikumwe

At the occasion of the 2009 Paris Tournament, thanks to Judo for Peace and the support of the French Judo Federation, we were able to man a stand in the prestigious confines of the Palais Omnisport in Bercy-Paris.
This provided us the opportunity to meet with key French and worldwide judo actors, and to explain through the means of a photo exhibit and a film, the philosophy of our interventions.  Follow-up feedback has confirmed that our presence there and activities were well received in the judo world.

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